UK Universities requiring the BMAT: 2020 entry

  • Brighton & Sussex Medical School
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College London
  • Keele University
  • Lancaster University
  • Leeds’ School of Medicine
  • University of Oxford Medical School – Graduate Medicine only for September Exam
  • University College London
  • Veterinary medicine at the University of Cambridge
  • Veterinary medicine at the Royal Veterinary College

UK Universities requiring the UCAT:
University of Aberdeen                                   University of Warwick 
Anglia Ruskin University                                University of Sunderland
Aston University                                             University of Southampton
University of Birmingham                               University of Sheffield 
University of Bristol                                        University of St Andrews 
Cardiff University                                           Queen’s University Belfast 
University of Dundee                                     Queen Mary University of London 
University of East Anglia                                St George’s, University of London 
Edge Hill University                                        Plymouth University 
University of Edinburgh                                 University of Nottingham 
University of Exeter                                       University of Newcastle 
University of Glasgow                                    University of Liverpool
Hull York Medical School                              University of Manchester 
Keele University                                            University of Leicester 
Kent and Medway Medical School                King’s College London 


The LNAT is required by all UK, EU, overseas applicants to undergraduate law programmes at:

University of Bristol Course codes M100, MR11, MR12 and MR13
Durham University Course codes M101, M102
University of Glasgow Course codes M114, M1R7, M1R1, M121, M1R2, M122, M1R3, M1M9, M1RR,

M1R4, M123, MN11, MN12, MV13, ML11, MQ13, MQ15, ML17, MV11, MV15

ML12, MR17, M100, M9R1, M9R2, M9R3, M9R4, MN19, ML13, M1L1, MQ93, MQ95,

MV91, MV95, ML92

King’s College London Course codes LM21, M100, M121, M122, M190
London School of Economics Course code M100
University of Nottingham Course codes M100, M101, M1R1, M1R2
University of Oxford Course codes M100, M190, M191, M192, M193, M194
SOAS University of London Course codes M100 LLB and all other combinations including Law.

M102 LLB Senior Status does not require the LNAT

UCL Course codes M100, M101, M102, M141, M142, M144, M145, M146
Non-UK Universities

The following non-UK universities also rely on the LNAT under certain conditions.

Singapore University of Social Sciences
IE Law School choice of tests applies


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