In a warm and friendly environment, we discuss course and subject options matching university and employer requirements to help students make a wise decision.

In light of their interests and prior school performance, we give students the support and guidance they need to succeed!!


The aim of the IB curriculum is to prepare confident thoughtful and active global citizens that leave school fully prepared to contribute to the community and rise to the challenges of an increasingly complex world. The co-curricular activities help them value their talents successes both also those of others. The learning benefits of the IB through a balanced curriculum combined with CAS, Creativity Action and Service encourages students to volunteer engage in community service and the prospects for university admission. In parallel to the IB students in teams participate in their year group’s school and social activities organizing such as athletic tournaments, cultural events, and academic competitions and suggesting many activities such as visits to historical sites exchange study programmes. This way they enrich their knowledge experience new cultures gain valuable volunteering experience and feel useful to their communities. The IB programme apart from the CAS it is complemented with the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge. This enables students to mature intellectually emotionally physically and ethically. The HL subjects are studies in the same depth as the 3 GCE A Levels the s Level subjects of the IB curriculum complement the SLevel ones an students acquire a wider understanding of useful subjects avoid early speciualisation which might limit their career options. Students keepm in touch with foreign languages for example as they have the possibility to take French or German at SL and practice another foreign langiage useful in so many areas of study such as politics and international relations linguistics law diplomacy.  Humanities  and Arts subjects such as visual arts,  politics, philosophy are equally useful to prospective engineering students.