Covid-19 (Novel Corona-virus)

Dear Colleagues,

This is the second in a series of communications with universities and colleges regarding the impact of COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) on students who are due to complete the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme in May 2020.

The IB, like other examination bodies, is treating the challenges that this pandemic is presenting for our worldwide school community very seriously. We have deep empathy for the impact this is having on over 200,000 IB students across the globe and are currently reviewing all available options. We are gathering feedback from schools, students, universities and official bodies to determine the most judicious way forward. It is critical for us to ensure that the options we provide our world of schools are done with compassion for our students and teachers and fairness for the difficult circumstances our students and educators are experiencing. Ultimately, we want to ensure that our students have every chance of success as they pursue university entry or future career plans. Our students are at the forefront of our thinking as we navigate this extraordinary global pandemic.

We are working through these options with the utmost urgency and will be providing a decision to our schools on the May 2020 examination session no later than 27 March (CET) 2020.  Further information on the options available to schools and students will provided following the decision.

Teaching and Learning

Our IB schools continue to make herculean efforts to ensure the continuity of learning for their students. We have been amazed by the creativity and dedication that they have shown. To support IB schools with these efforts, the IB have developed a resource which provides information and resources for schools around online and virtual learning. We are continuing to explore further ways we can support our schools.

IBIS contact details

We are encouraging universities and colleges at this time to update their contact details on IBIS to ensure that your colleagues can access transcript results following their release in July. Your IBIS admin account holder can make changes, add and remove staff that have access to the system.

Coursework deadline extensions

The IB has further extended the deadlines for coursework elements of our programmes to give students as much time as possible to complete it. As a result, for a very small proportion of our students their final grades may not be available on the results day in July. We hope that this does not cause universities and colleges too many issues and aim to provide you with results as soon as they become available. IB Schools have been encouraged to submit coursework as soon as possible to minimise this impact.

Enhanced transcript information 

We are currently developing solutions that aim to provide universities and colleges with alternative evidence of the achievement of our students, in the cases where students are not able to sit all, or some, of their examinations in May.

We will provide you with further information on these solutions in our next communication.We continue to monitor the situation extremely carefully and will update you after 27 March with further information on our current position and where applicable any implications for universities and colleges through these FAQs.

We thank you once again for your continued support of our students during these most difficult of circumstances and if you have any questions, or feedback about your university admission plans then please do not hesitate to contact at

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