UK Visas and Immigration guidance for how it considers applications from people who wish to enter or remain in the UK to study.


Guidance for how UK Visas and Immigration considers applications from people to enter or remain in the UK as students.



We are pleased to announce that we are now offering guidance on how to request a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS letter) and support students on the visa process. In a rapidly changing world, it seems sensible to build on and strengthen the knowledge and expertise we have built over the years and meet the needs of our students thus engage with visa processing systems more effectively this will eventually lead to a more flexible agile and responsive process to the advantage of our students and client families

We have already created a very helpful and handy: “How & When to request a CAS and a guide on completing a student visa application” After the GCE A-Level & IB exam results in July and August and after students have accepted an Unconditional offer of a study place at the University.

Bear in mind that it typically takes up to 15 working days to issue the CAS once universities have received all required information from the students. The education provider will send a reference number (called a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) once they’ve offered you a place on the course. You need a CAS before you can apply for your visa. Students should download and complete a CAS Request Form, ensuring they complete all required fields, sign and date the Declaration.

In order to apply for the student visa (this visa has replaced the Tier 4 (General) student visa) students must provide:

-a current passport or other valid travel documentation

-a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from the course

-proof you have enough money to support yourself and pay for your course – this will vary depending on the student’s circumstances

-a valid ATAS certificate if your course and nationality require it

-proof of parental or other legal guardian consent if you’re under 18

-proof of your relationship to your parent or guardian if you’re under 18

your tuberculosis test results

-written consent for your application from your financial sponsor if the student received sponsorship for the course fees and living costs in the last 12 months.


Some helpful links:–


We understand that may seem a daunting process. We are here to help the less experienced and we promise that our team will be available, as always, to help in any possible way it can.


We wish you a very prosperous and inspiring academic year!!!


Rallou Daniilidou

Senior Academic Counselor

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