We offer students who are about to complete high school education in Greece academic guidance regarding the career pathway they wish to follow. In particular, we help students choose the right academic programme and the most suitable academic institution to help them realize their personal and professional goals. Our highly trained and experienced academics and consultants develop a holistic approach considering factors such as personality, talents, and interests in order for the students to explore and trace new areas of interest, set new goals and eventually commit themselves to them. Our mission is to assist students to identify those skills, put their competencies in the right use exploring self-awareness. We support them in their decision-making process by providing reliable information about higher education institutions, academic life, accommodation, tuition fees, pastoral care, extracurricular activities, placements, and career prospects.

We also offer support and assistance in the application procedure, help students choose recommenders and get effective references in support of their application. Moreover, we deliver regular workshops on how to build a personal statement encouraging students to highlight their skills, talents giving real-life examples from personal experiences. Over the past years, there has been a growing interest in English language summer courses. We have offered academic guidance and support to high school students who have attended summer courses, pre-IB courses and pre-university preparation in renown college and have gained valuable experience living and studying the UK.

We collaborate with Reach Cambridge Summer School, International Summer School in Scotland St Andrews ISSOS, Marlborough College, St-Edmunds College, Gordonstoun International Summer School, Imperial College- Global Summer School, Kings College Pre-University Summer School and the Oxford Royal Academy (read the Agent Agreement here)