I am truly grateful for your perseverance, commitment and genuine interest to help me find my career pathway. I highly appreciate it. Keep on helping young people fulfill their dreams, explore their talents and gain intrinsic satisfaction from their achievements. Admittedly it has been invaluable to me. It is one of the best investments I have made.


Imperial College Graduate, London MSc in Genes, Drugs & Stem Cells-Novel Therapies, 2017-18

Career consultancy services is like a key to reading the map that leads you to your ideal career. My counselor, Ms Rallou Daniilidou, guided me through this map to find my strengths and weaknesses. In return, this has helped me better understand myself and what type of career is best for me. I believe that without these tools, I would have not been able to find my passion for medical research with emphasis on genetics, stem cells and regenerative medicine. I encourage all students to utilize University Services, and it is never too late to start working with them! During my undergraduate studies, I went for help in resume building and also in tips for university interviews due to academic interest at pursuing further studies in health-related sciences. They even gave me tips on how to follow-up with interviews and what types of ‘thank you’ notes are most appropriate. Ever since, I always stop by Career Services and have someone from their friendly office help me review, edit, or compose cover letters, resumes, scholarship applications/essays, and CVs. When it was time for me to apply to graduate schools, the consultants were with me every step of the way and promoted the knowledge, encouragement, and self-confidence that I needed to be fully prepared for what was to come.

Ch. P.

University College London (UCL) Graduate, MSc in Pharmaceutics, 2019-2020

I am very appreciative of the services I received from the academic consultancy center. I can’t thank them enough for the assistance they have given me! I worked directly with Mrs. Rallou Daniilidou who is the Senior Academic Consultant of “University Services” and she answered every question I had about my concerns. When I walked in, I was nervous, but she made me feel at home. Prior to my meeting I had researched course information. However, there is a lot of conflicting advice about the validity of courses on the Internet and the employability prospects they offer. If you are a student and you have not used their academic guidance services, I would say do not walk, but run over if you are in need of career advice!

V. C.

Architectural Association (A.A) Graduate, MSc in Sustainable Environmental Design , 2018-2019

I gained both the skills and confidence to thoughtfully use a variety of quantitative approaches in my studies. The counselors were patient, understanding, and highly skilled. I would highly recommend this career advisory center to anyone wanting to familiarize themselves with Academic Writing and prepare for the IELTS as the experienced teachers use up-to-date audiovisual material and make the learning process a fantastic experience. I scored an overall band of 7.7/9.0 with 7.5 in the Writing part in my 1st attempt as I was very well prepared in each part of the test and learned the techniques and tips required to manage my time during the test. I improved my writing style and enriched my vocabulary. I overcame an inherent fear I had with the Speaking part as I built my self-confidence and eventually acquired natural ease in my oral skills.

A. F.

King’s College Graduate, London (KCL) BSc (Hons) in Business Management, 2015-16

Thanks to the constant support of the University Services team and the updated resources at my disposal I am currently studying what I am passionate about! My studies have allowed me to derive enjoyment from each course and focus my efforts to learn and experiment with new ideas exposed to a multicultural academic community. The guidance and support of University Services counselors build relationships that never end as the friendly advisors help and encourage students to explore themselves and to bring out their best by conducting personality development classes and giving opportunities to become a leader. Thank you for always encouraging us to attend career events and participating in volunteering activities by sending us reminder emails and giving us permission to attend. All the best to current and new students!

Aik. K.

University of California Graduate, Berkeley School of Law, LLM programme, 2019-20