We have been a registered UCAS center since 2000, therefore our academic advisors are offering academic support to our students’ higher education applications. We benefit from the support offered by UCAS through the application process in advising our students and processing their applications. University Services provides quality and timely advising services to undergraduate students to facilitate their academic success, personal development and career awareness.

Choosing the right curriculum and type of education would be ideal for a school student to thrive at is often a rather confusing and daunting process. We have 20 years of experience in guiding Greek students to select the right course which meets their interests, talents and career aspirations. We offer impartial advice on the best UK independent and boarding schools and European IB schools and support them throughout the application process. Considering that there is a huge range of degrees on offer students often get confused and need advice to reach a wise decision.

We are firm believers that all students can be challenged when exposed to an inspiring academic environment to achieve their best. Our mission is to offer support and encouragement so that students are well prepared to gain entry to the universities they have applied for with confidence and determination. We also offer academic guidance and support to younger students who select the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Middle Years Programme (MYP) in order to progress to the IB Diploma programme. Considering that a growing number of students and their families move away to work in another country we can offer alternative options and guidance to find schools suitable to respond to the student’s talents, academic interests and competencies. We offer a rounded consideration of the strengths and limitations of the IB Diploma Programme, the Pre-U, the GCE A Level curriculum, and the National Exams (Pan-Hellenic exams) depending on the career pathway.

When selecting the curriculum that best suits each student we help throughout the application and registration process. Our dedicated team of Academic Consultants takes down the academic record of the student and gives the opportunity to the student and parents to exchange thoughts and considerations about the field of study the universities they are considering and the advisor creates a profile of the student’s career aims and prospects. We offer advisory sessions on university choice, consultation with the application process, admissions tests, preparation for interviews, IELTS preparation for new students and re-takers, help with accommodation, financial aid such as scholarships, bursaries and student loans.

Counselling Sessions and Academic Guidance 

With the support of an experienced team of advisors we guide students select a well balanced combination of subjects to their selected area of study or degree course. University Services aims to build a personal relationship with the students, their parents and guardians as well as university admissions officers with the view to achieving the students’ academic goals.

We also offer one to one guidance sessions to students of A Lyceum in their choice of curriculum (Geniko Lykeio, with or without Panhellenic exams), GCE A Levels or IB which best fits their skills, method and field of study.

In a fair minded manner University Services advisory team assists students on their independent preparation for a series of standardized tests, such as UCAT, BMAT for Medical schools, LNAT for Law schools, HAT, ELAT, TSA required for Oxford courses.

All students are required to fill in a University Pre-application form listing the academic prizes earned, the extracurricular activities, participation in inter-school competitions academic or otherwise, summer camps, pre IB courses, volunteer and community services. Those who have spent some time in the industry (shadowing professionals) should make a list of skills acquired, duties and responsibilities undertaken. We encourage students to participate in the Personal Statement workshops which aim to guide them in building the first draft of their Personal Statement. The Personal Statement and the Academic Reference are the most important parts of the UCAS application. Therefore, we encourage them to support with honesty and consistency their thoughts making sure it reflects their personality and career aims.

Support for the Personal Statement

Understanding the application UCAS process:

We encourage students to be the active participants of the application process. We explain the various stages of the UCAS application cycle, the key deadlines and what actions to take at specific times in the UCAS applicant journey.

We use together the UCAS research tools and resources which aim to help applicants make wise course choices. After setting up an account we work together throughout all the parts of the application with particular emphasis on the drafting of the personal statement.

We offer support in writing effective personal statements stressing on the following:

  • start with a strong Opening Paragraph

This is the only part of the UCAS application that you can express your reflective thinking, show motivation, commitment and enthusiasm for your chosen course, self-awareness and independent  study skills.

  • The Extended Essay is an opportunity to show your ability to carry out effective research

* 80% academic and 20% extracurricular

*Be honest

*Draft, re-draft and proof-read

*Be wary of spell-check

*In terms of length, max 4000 characters-47 lines

Remember, after all there is no perfect Personal Statement! Each one is unique and authentic in its own way!!