Our ultimate aim is to take the stress and anxiety out of the application process and find the “right fit university” for each student. Our goal is to motivate, inspire and challenge each student step by step to identify the “right” university opportunities, which can often be a quite perplexing and time-consuming process.

That is why we offer our students transparent and ethical services, which include:

  • Academic Consulting Sessions and University Placement
  • Entering University Life
  • University Admissions Services

Please read on to see what we can do for you and remember: the first consultation session is free of charge!

Guidance and Advice

General Guidance and Advice Services

  • Responsible guidance in searching the best course options for our aspiring students, choosing the appropriate scientific field, subject area and Higher Education Institution based on the student’s skills, academic interests considering the needs of the global market. We do our best to match students with the desired schools and programmes helping them develop a preliminary university list. We assist with the university search providing specific information on the course requirements, deadlines, admission and planning tests and eligibility for contextual offers. we support students of all ability levels and provide support for student with different learning styles in a fair manner as we are firm believers that all candidates can flourish when exposed to an inspiring environment.
  • We offer reliable and comprehensive advice on university rankings considering research, academic criteria and student satisfaction. We consider affordability a major challenge for families and try to empower students to evaluate offers of admission and define their objectives before reaching decisions.
  • We advise students on fee status; eligibility for bursaries, grants and tuition fee loans as EU nationals. We will help you discover what information to gather including financial means, educational background in order to successfully attain financial aid.
  • Our dedicated team helps students navigate the application process with ease and precision revolutionizing the student experience in the application process, which often seems so daunting. We encourage students to reflect on their talents, create a balanced university list and present themselves competitively in the personal statement. Our counselors review the student’s motivation letter, extracurricular activities, community engagement reflecting their talents and dexterities. Students create an activity list before the first draft of the personal statement. We lay emphasis on building a compelling application that expresses the strengths of each candidate is in a confident and authentic way. We are effective listeners and actively engaged with our students in order to help them embark on self-discovery, build essential transferable life skills which will lead them to an inspiring academic journey.
  • We provide regular updates about new courses, admissions procedures, portfolio specifications and interview preparation. We provide regular application feedback on application decision. We manage the student inquiries and their documents with confidentiality and accuracy. Our outstanding rapport with students helps us to eventually build a relationship based on mutual trust ethos and sincerity.
  • We value the criteria and priorities that are most important for the family in selecting the university creating a personal university plan for each student. We are working together offering individual guidance in the whole application process from the course research application decision which is quite often stressful and frustrating. we work hard to minimize stress and develop a positive approach throughout this journey.
  • University Transfers and Change of Course. Some students wish to transfer to another institution after successfully completing the 1st year of their studies. This is feasible if the modules of the two-degree programmes share similarities and abide by the university’s regulations. Quite often students wish to change course or area of study having realized that the course they initially selected, does not really interest them. We guide them responsibly to find the career pathway which really meets their career aspirations. Sometimes they need to take a gap year work in the industry, gain experience and realise what matches their career goals. Students who take a year out or gap year usually return to university more mature and confident.
  • We organize open sessions about on-campus student accommodation. We encourage students to attend Open days and visit the university campus to gain firsthand experience about campus life. We work closely with private accommodation and help students decide on the most cost-effective housing option.
  • Information sessions about studying and living in the UK. These sessions aim to help freshers make a smooth transition to university life. We provide useful advice on how to open a student bank account, move in the halls of residence, apply for a student loan, use the online resources digital libraries offer and make the most of academic life.
Open Information Sessions

Free Open Information Sessions about studies in the UK for all prospective students

We promise to answer all your questions about studying and living in the United Kingdom for free!

Holding a long-lasting experience and reputation in all academic disciplines in the United Kingdom, UNIVERSITY SERVICES organizes and offers free information sessions every 15 days and invites ALL prospective students who are interested in learning more about undergraduate or postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom.

To be more specific, whoever is interested will have the chance to get acquainted with academic consultants and to be informed about:

  • Subject areas and combined degrees offered by reputable higher education institutions in the UK in the US and English-speaking institution in Europe.
  • On-campus accommodation, the option to live off-campus, private accommodation and family stay during your studies.
  • The cost of living, tuition fees, the eligibility for scholarships, EU bursaries, student grants.
  • Preparation of the Academic IELTS, LNAT, BMAT, UKCAT and all tests required by Oxbridge as part assessment and the application selection process.
  • The Universities’ assessment by subject area, the academic regulations and the admission process throughout the application cycle. Information about the requirements, academic qualifications, internships, graduate training schemes.
  • The degree structure, assessment, marking schemes, grading scale.
  • Making use of the University library and other resources to prepare coursework, looking up past papers for the final exams, the preparation of the senior year project and the role of student ambassadors.
  • A Question and Answer session follows with very useful feedback from alumni and experienced counselors.
  • At the end of each information session, there is a discussion panel and we answer all questions.

To express your interest and reserve a place, please call 210-3640503.

We will be happy to help you!

English & Foundation Courses in Britain

English & Foundation Courses in Britain

We are firm believers that learning English as a second language or attending English courses for professionals, preparing for IELTS, Business English or English for health care professionals such as doctors are far more effective if held in their home! in the UK.

With campuses all over the UK and a number of collaborations with organisations like INTO and KAPLAN, we can offer guidance and support in choosing the most suitable institution to improve the language skills, familiarize with the British culture, be exposed to a multicultural environment, gain self-confidence and prepare for a promising career in the global market.

Check out our Summer Schools page and ask us!

Postgraduate studies

Postgraduate Studies Guidance

We are among the first to respond to the growing demand of the Greek business market for high-quality postgraduate studies!

UNIVERSITY SERVICES over the last 20 years possesses an unparalleled expertise in helping young graduates to select the postgraduate course based on their prior academic background and work experience.
We warrantee high-quality advisory services to all students who wish to broaden their horizons expand their knowledge and select a “good value for money” course.

We offer consistent advice on scholarship opportunities, test preparations admissions applications and funding.

Greek companies, state organizations, and public utility services seek executives possessing upgraded qualifications, specialization and international multicultural experience. British universities welcome mature employees, experienced executives or graduates to obtain a postgraduate degree title.

To be more specific, the section which works closely with students who wish to apply for postgraduate studies addresses to:

  • Graduates of Greek Higher Education Institutions
  • Graduates of English-speaking Institutions and Colleges
  • Executives of business enterprises, state organizations, public utility service sector, banks, non-governmental organizations
  • Teachers who wish to promote their career prospects in primary education, ordinary or special schools, high school teachers who wish to specialize in learning differences.
  • Doctors who wish to continue with a medical specialty or follow an advanced training programme
  • Older graduates who wish to enhance their degree, increase their employability through training and refresher courses or make a career shift.
MBA: The passport to success

MBA Preparation

Possessing an unparalleled expertise in applications for higher education studies in the UK, the US and English-speaking institutions in Europe, we are among the first to have realized the growing need of the global business market for executives holding a high-quality postgraduate degree, and more specifically an MBA degree.

We create a personalized online account for each candidate so as to manage effectively all university inquiries, monitor the progress of the applications and process all queries in the most efficient manner.

What you can gain through University Services:

  • A secure place on a high-quality MBA programme
  • Preparation for the MBA interview
  • Access to top MBA schools
  • A recognized degree title of studies
  • A thorough preparation of the portfolio for your candidature.
  • A persistent monitoring and support of the application.
  • Preparation for the IELTS
  • If you are currently holding an executive position in the Greek market, you continue working on a regular basis; we are in charge of all the application process; from the initial stages of course search up the pre-enrolment early in September before the course starts.
  • Responsible effective, ethical processing and handling of the applications.
  • Keeping you informed about the progress of the MBA applications providing regular feedback about university decisions and offers.
    Interview preparation support in the drafting and editing of the motivation letters and essay questions which constitute the most significant part of the MBA application.

Some of the universities we have helped applicants gain entry are Cranfield, Warwick, London Business School, Manchester, Imperial, Cass Business School.

Links of MBA degrees


English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Who is EAP support for?

English for Academic Purposes support is for non-native English speakers who need help with their English language skills.

An indication of whether EAP support is suitable for a student would be if s/he achieved the minimum language requirement to enter higher education in the UK in the Academic IELTS or TOEFL exams.

Please note that almost all courses are free and are not assessed.

What support is available?

1. Academic Writing Class

The main focus is essay writing but the content will be useful for all types of academic work, including dissertation writing.

Class content includes:

  • Academic style
  • Essay structure and cohesion
  • Critical reading and writing
  • Using reading in your writing
  • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Editing your work
  • In-class writing exercises.

2. One-to-one sessions

These sessions are available throughout the academic year. Students can book them through the university portal.

Most universities do not offer a proofreading service, but a dedicated team can look at work before submission, help students to identify language errors and indicate areas for improvement.  Comments on structure, clarity, citation and referencing are quite often offered but no comments are made on the actual content.

Use these quick study guides for a brief overview of a topic.